A panic button with 24/7 assistance

AfriForum 911

What is the AfriForum 911 emergency app?

The AfriForum 911 emergency app is a user-friendly, family-oriented emergency app that you can download to your smartphone, turning it into an emergency panic button. The app connects you directly to any of the applicable service providers across South Africa. These service providers can quickly access your information via the app so that the applicable care can be given to you and your registered dependants.

AfriForum in cooperation with Response 24 wants to keep you and your family safe with the AfriForum 911-emergency app.

  • Armed response and medical emergency response services at the push of a button
  • Exact GPS identification of the location where the call for help is coming from – accuracy up to 5 metres
  • Direct alerts to reduce communication barriers
  • Faster response times with live updates of responders
  • Easy process to download the AfriForum 911 emergency app on your smartphone via Google Play (Android), App Store (Apple) and AppGallery (Huawei) – search for “AfriForum 911-noodknoppietoep”
  • One-screen log in and registration (OTP sent to you via SMS)

With the AfriForum 911 emergency app you can:

  • Send one free armed response alert and one free medical emergency response alert per month for yourself (as AfriForum member) or one of maximum five dependants (direct family members) as a shared benefit for all six people by simply clicking the relevant AfriForum 911 emergency.
    Important: No medical transportation or related medical services are covered by this benefit and will therefore be for the member’s account.
  • Trigger unlimited family and friend alerts so they can come to your aid.
  • Create permission-based groups for your dependants.
  • Communicate via the app to support your family while help is on its way. Remember: You must have data available.
  • See in real time where your family – and they you – are on the central map on your smartphone so that you all know that everyone is safe. Remember that this function only works if they have downloaded the app and registered on it.
  • Trigger a reverse panic on behalf of your registered dependants to send for armed or medical response, or to navigate to them. Your dependants can also send alerts on your behalf if you are in an emergency.
  • You can create geo-fences around specific locations to keep updated on your family’s movements in and out of these areas.
  • Chat via the app to our tech team about app-related queries. Remember: You must have data available.
  • Receive push notifications even if you have closed the app.
  • See in real time via app notifications which reaction personnel and family are on their way to help you.

Always check to see if there is a newer version of the app in your app store, and download it so that you always have access to all functions.